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From:Gerald Clark Date:June 13 2001 6:17pm
Subject:Re: Daemon crashing (I'm going nuts here)
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Walker, Brian wrote:

> I'm at wits end here, I've been through the documentation multiple times,
> asked questions on this list, but I still cannot get this server running.
> I've restarted the server and everything.  
> The only thing I know is that the mysqld daemon crashes when I try to start
> it.  I could not have another one running since I couldn't start the thing
> to begin with!

> There is nothing using 3306 because I can telnet to it (per the manuals
> instruction on this error message)

Well, if you can telnet to 3306, then something is runnin on it.
Are you sure it is not already running?

what does
ps -ef | grep mysqld

show you?

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