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From:Martin Edelius Date:March 22 1999 12:25pm
Subject:Re: Cannot uninstall MySQL-3_22_16a-gamma-1_i386.rpm (OT)
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>I hate pre-compiled programs.  They never work right, and you
>never know what is going on or what you did when you typed
>"package_install" or whatever command it is.  It's all hidden
>behind an easy-to-use interface; then when it breaks you sit back
>and go, "Uh...what do I do now?"  I say, wipe your drive and
>install from source.  Yay!

Well, for Linux beginners like me there couldn't be a better thing than
RPM's (although my first install of MySQL was from source).

When RPM's work, and in my experince they almost do, they work great. I
don't need to know every little config option to get the damn thing up
and running. If I want to get down and dirty I could always DL the
source. If they don't work I *have* to get down and dirty and will
usually end up a lot more knowledgeful (is that a word btw?). There are
a number of options to get RPM to tell you what it's doing and log it
one way or another.

A win-win situation, imho.

-- Martin

Re: Cannot uninstall MySQL-3_22_16a-gamma-1_i386.rpm (OT)Martin Edelius22 Mar