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From:Thimble Smith Date:March 22 1999 6:38am
Subject:Re: Cannot uninstall MySQL-3_22_16a-gamma-1_i386.rpm
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On Sun, Mar 21, 1999 at 10:27:14PM -0800, Ed Bean wrote:
> I'm having a great deal of difficulty removing mySQL from my
> RH5.2 installation.
> Any ideas on how I can fix the problem?

Use FreeBSD instead.

:)  I'm JUST KIDDING!  Unfortunately I don't know anything about
RPMs, so I can't do anything except mock your pain.  But then
again, Life is pain, Your Highness.

I hate pre-compiled programs.  They never work right, and you
never know what is going on or what you did when you typed
"package_install" or whatever command it is.  It's all hidden
behind an easy-to-use interface; then when it breaks you sit back
and go, "Uh...what do I do now?"  I say, wipe your drive and
install from source.  Yay!

Probably that's just preachin' and not worth listening to, but...
it's late and I've had too much coffee.

Doesn't RPM keep a packing list somewhere?  Can't you go through
it and remove all the files manually?  Most of 'em are stored in
a few subdirectories anyway, so it shouldn't take more that ten
minutes to track them down and kill them.  If RPM doesn't let you
manually change its idea of what's installed, then I say it's not
worth using anyway.  Blech.

Cannot uninstall MySQL-3_22_16a-gamma-1_i386.rpmEd Bean22 Mar
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