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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 3 2001 5:16pm
Subject:Re: Mac OS X
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At 9:27 PM +0100 6/2/01, Tommy Beavitt wrote:
>In response to a recent question I posted regarding installing 
>MySQL/PHP/Apache on a G4 tibook I was recommended to get a copy of 
>Mac OS X as this was condsidered to be the most stable and easily 
>configurable option at my disposal.
>I am fairly well-versed in relational concepts but a bit slow at 
>command-line interfaces.
>My alternatives are: installing the combo on LinuxPPC, using 
>Windows98 (emulated) or getting an x86 computer just for running 
>My purpose is to gain knowledge of the above setup in order to 
>publish information to a virtual server I rent on which MySQL/PHP is 
>supported. I come from a Filemaker Pro background.
>When I looked on the web at examples of using MySQL with Mac OS X I 
>wasn't particularly reassured. It seems that this is something of a 
>minority interest and there are problems with compiling the 

There are very few problems building it under current releases of MySQL.
One problem *running* it has to do with the inability of mysqladmin to
make the server shut down.

re: reassurance, given the short lifetime of Mac OS X, I'd say it's a
reasonably good platform for MySQL.  Certainly better than either MkLinux
or LinuxPPC were at this stage in their careers.

You might find the following article interesting:

>Can anyone on this list reassure me that this is indeed the easiest 
>way into the technology? Or should I bite the bullet and get torn 
>into Linux? Although I am a support of the Open Source concept I 
>don't mind paying Apple for the OS X license if it is going to get 
>me up and running quickest. I am currently running Mac OS 9.1.
>Thanks in advance.
>Tommy Beavitt

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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