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From:Dan Nelson Date:May 31 2001 3:55pm
Subject:Re: myisamchk --sort-records extremely slow
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In the last episode (May 30), Michael Villalba said:
> I have a rather large MyISAM table (~230 million rows) running under
> MySQL 3.23.30.  It has 10 columns and 3 indices.  The data and index
> files each occupy about 10GB.
> My problem is that sorting the rows using myisamchk --sort-records
> takes an extremely long time.  The last sort took 95 hours (that's
> right...almost four days).
> The machine is a four-processor Sun E450 with 4GB of memory. The OS
> is Solaris 2.7.  The database files reside on a 12-disk SCSI RAID 5
> array.  The machine was essentially idle with the exception of the
> sort job.

Just as a comparison, how long does a "create table newtable select *
from oldtable order by field1" take?  Maybe myisamchk's sort is just
really inefficient.  I don't know if it works the same way as mysql's
"order by".

	Dan Nelson
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