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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 30 2001 3:33pm
Subject:RE: Binary
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At 8:57 AM +0200 5/30/01, David Lidström wrote:
>  Let's say it's an image, zip archive or a PDF-file!?

How do *you* know this?  If you "just know it", based on some
knowledge that only you possess, then there's no way for MySQL
to guess.  If you know it based on some objective criterion,
then record the value of that criterion in your table (e.g., in
another column) so that MySQL can tell, too.

If you're looking for some magic bullet that will somehow look
at some arbitrary hunk of data in the BLOB column and characterize
it for you, then you're way outside the scope of what MySQL can
tell you.

>  I am creating a GUI-client, so it's when a table is
>  listed, and the field is containing a file I'd like
>  to know this somehow... If possible!!
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>At 9:16 AM +0200 5/29/01, David Lidström wrote:
>>   Is there some kind of pattern in fields containing
>>   binary data - so you can be sure that is really IS
>>   binary!?
>>   I.e. if I in my database have a BLOB-field and
>>   sometimes  write a string, and sometimes a file?!
>Given that a file can contain ordinary string data, it's difficult to
>know how to answer your question.  What's your definition of binary
>One way to solve this would be to add another column to the table
>that you set to explicitly indicate what kind of information is
>in your BLOB column.  Then you wouldn't have to guess.
>>Regards David
>Paul DuBois, paul@stripped

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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