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From:Jacob Martin Date:May 30 2001 1:58pm
Subject:Re: Microsoft Access <-> MySQL Data Conversions
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I found that it's much easier to write a program that connects to both
databases and copies by inserting.  That way you don't have to fool with
files at all.

However, I don't know if there are drawbacks to this or not.   Anyone know
if there any character set conversion issues or otherwise?

David Ayliffe wrote:

> 1) Whats the easiest way to convert data from Microsoft Access TO MySQL?
> (i'm thinking export a table using VB (with recordsets,) format into
> MySQL format and then mysql < msaccess.dump into MySQL via a C++
> proggie)

2) And the easiest way to convert data from MySQL TO MS Access?

> (Using C++ API to get data from a mysql table..... then I get stuck.
> How could I automatically import it into MS Access DB of users choice,
> formatting etc??)

> ANY ideas appreciated
> Thanks lots
> David Ayliffe (mail@stripped)

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