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From:Sasha Pachev Date:July 16 1999 3:13am
Subject:Re: MYSQL and multi platforms
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Taffy Brecknock wrote:
> I've not used MYSQL before and am looking at it with a view to using it as
> a backend for some ASP development. My development machine will be running
> NT but my ISP uses Unix. What needs to be taken into consideration when
> doing this? Can I easily port a database that I have designed under NT to
> the Unix box?
> Taffy Brecknock
> taffy@stripped

In this situation I would recommend having an OS that is as close to
what your ISP running as possible - I assume you want to use your
machine for development, and your ISP's for production. Porting from NT
to Unix can be a mess, to speak about developing on NT in the first
place :-)

You can get equivalent functionality to ASP with PHP3, this will also
give you a better performance.

Find out the following about your ISP:

 a) which version of Unix are they running?
 b) does their web server support PHP?
 c) what version of MySQL are they running?
 d) can you get shell access on their system?
if the answer to b) or d) are No, consider a different ISP, the people
on this list will have many recommendations, and some them will be
especially excited for you to change your ISP because they run one and
hope to pick you up as a customer :-)

Sasha Pachev
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