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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 29 2001 8:02pm
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At 2:39 PM -0500 5/29/01, Tim Thorburn wrote:
>I've setup a database to keep track of various events.  Now I'm 
>working on displaying these events on the screen through a web 
>browser.  I've got all the crucial information displaying - now its 
>time for a little fine tuning.
>All the dates in my database are ISO format, so YYYY-MM-DD, I'd like 
>to display them in a more user friendly format.  For example, there 
>is an event taking place this Wednesday, in ISO 2001-05-30 - I'd 
>like it to display as May 30th, 2001.
>Through the command line, I know I do this by typing:
>select DATE_FORMAT(EventStartDate, '%M %D %Y');
>My question is how would i get this information to display via PHP?

The same way.  Issue a query that uses DATE_FORMAT() rather than selecting
the date in its native format.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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