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From:Christian Mack Date:July 15 1999 8:19pm
Subject:Re: jdbc drivers
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Sanjeeb K Bhuyan wrote:
> Hi,
>   sorry if these are basic questions.
> I'm using Apple's WebObjects as a middleware.Its on an OS X machine. I have a
> MySQL database on a Solaris machine.
> questions --
> 1. Is there a native(type 4) driver for to interact between webobjects(which
> is based on Java) and Mysql?
> 2.Now what steps do I have to take to connect from webobjects(which is like
> a java middleware) to the datbase. Do I have to go thru JDBC over TCP/IP?
> So do I have to get a relevant JDBC  driver?Where exactly do I have to
> install it?The solaris or the OS X,and in which directory's,etc?
> What configurations do I have to make? Is there a web page I can look
> at?
>    Any help,suggestions,comments would be great!!!
>         thanx,
>           sanjeeb

Hi Sanjeeb

There are two type 4 JDBC drivers for mysql (twz and mm driver).
I don't know WebObjects, but if it depends on JDBC 2.0 you are out of luck, because they
are both JDBC 1.1 drivers.


PS: Sorry for the late answer, I was on vacation.

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