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From:Dennis Date:May 23 2001 8:56pm
Subject:RE: mysql.sock file
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At 04:47 PM 05/23/2001, Angerer, Chad wrote:
>Well.. not sure if this is right but if you start up the mysqld server on
>startup the mysql.sock should be created in that directory always, so the
>symbolic link will always point to the same place.
>Otherwise.. I believe the directory will be in your my.cnf file.. and you
>can change that to point to the correct path.
>I hope I am moving along the right path here.

Ah, does anyone know what the setting in my.cnf would be? That would be ideal.


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>Subject: RE: mysql.sock file
>At 05:48 PM 05/22/2001, Angerer, Chad wrote:
> >Dennis,
> >
> >do a find / -name mysql.sock 2>/dev/null to find exactly where mysql puts
> >this file.. My rpm install put it in
> >/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
> >
> >Find where your mysql.sock file is and make a symbolic on it pointing to
> >/tmp/mysql.sock
> >
> >ln -s /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock /tmp/mysql.sock
> >
> >Also check your file permissions.  Make sure the mysqld user has access to
> >this directory.
>Yes, we've done that, but because the tmp directory may get scrubbed on
>shutdown or boot, it has to be done on each boot. I wondered if I could
>find out whethers its still SUPPOSED to be there, at which point
>permissions would be something to consider.

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