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From:Christian Mack Date:July 15 1999 7:56pm
Subject:Re: Need HELP adding users in MySQL
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Alan Morey wrote:
> I connect to the mysql database, as root
> mysql> GRANT SELECT, INSERT, DELETE UPDATE ON mydatabase.* TO user@stripped
> IDENTIFIED BY 'blah' ;
> mysql> GRANT SELECT ON mydatabase.* TO user2@% IDENTIFIED BY 'bahh';
> But when i try to connect to the mydatabase i get access denied. Any ideas
> what i'm doing wrong
> I am trying to make a web interface to the database and i want two users,
> one user should be able to SELECT, INSERT, DELETE UPDATE  and the should
> just be able to SELECT.
> thanks
> alan

Hi Alan

You are not specific enough.
Did you try the 'user' account from host '' and is this _not_ equal to

Did you give the password on connecting?
shell> mysql --user=user --password=blah mydatabase

If you tried the 'user2' account from 'localhost', you probably collided with the user
enty for ''@localhost (read: everyone from localhost).

It always is good to give at least some infos about your OS and the mysql version you use.


PS: Sorry for the late answer, I was on vacation.

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