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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 21 1999 9:29pm
Subject:database completely corrupted
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>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Powell <adam@stripped> writes:

Adam> Hi, sorry about this... but this is kind of an emergency, as in I lose my
Adam> job if this is not sorted out in a few hours.  Can anybody tell me how to
Adam> fix the following errors... as Isamchk is not fixing them,..

Adam> Found link that points at 1818316036 (outside data file) at 1354327
Adam> Found block with too small length at 1354332; Skipped
Adam> Found link that points at 1852796420 (outside data file) at 1354399
Adam> Found link that points at 1767050496 (outside data file) at 1354404



What do you mean that isamchk is not fixing them ?

Did you try isamchk -r or isamchk -ro ?

Remeber to take a backup of your file before trying to repair it!

Please read the MySQL manual, section 'How to repair tables';  This
should help you fix practically everything!

(Note that if a varible length file gets corrupted, you may get many
errors like the above if only one row is wrong)

As last option, if you really MUST get back all possible rows:

After you have got a working file, you can experiment with the old
.ISM file with:

isamchk -r -e table

This will try to recover everything (even wrong records);  After doing 
this you have however to check the table to verify tha isamchk didn't
find any rows that shouldn't be there;  Normally these rows will
contain binary data in all columns.


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