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From:Dan Nelson Date:May 22 2001 10:40pm
Subject:Re: Using identical column names in seperate tables
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In the last episode (May 21), Nathanial Hendler said:
> >From the MySQL Manual (13.6 Other Optimization Tips)
> "Columns with identical information in different tables should be
> declared identical and have identical names. Before Version 3.23 you
> got slow joins otherwise. Try to keep the names simple (use name
> instead of customer_name in the customer table). To make your names
> portable to other SQL servers you should keep them shorter than 18
> characters."
> I'm a little confused about this statement.  I'm reading two possible
> tips, and I want to make sure I understand...

They put two ideas into that paragraph:

1 - Identical definitions on joined fields make the optimizer happy

2 - For neatness purposes, use simple column names

	Dan Nelson
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