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From:skims Date:March 21 1999 9:35pm
Subject:Privilege on web and remote shell.
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Hi !

I have a little problem on my Linux 5.2, I use mysql-3.21.30 and php-3.0.5.
I made a webboard on my homepage, which is included a function of modifying
their personal record on web, it's very working in web and shell as NOBODY account.
NOBODY's privileges of user table is all 'N' and that of db table is
Select_priv,Insert_priv, Update_priv are 'Y' and the others is 'N'.

I made the password field of the writer in webboard database,
therefore there is no problem in web.
But, when they connect remote shell, he can modify others' records, not only his.

It's problem.
I'm afraid that some writer's article is to be modified by others. I want that they can
modify his,her own records on only Web but can't do it(including others' records) on

Any solutions ?

Thank you in advance.


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