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From:Martin Edelius Date:July 15 1999 12:17pm
Subject:SV: MySQL Server Crashes
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Hi Furn.

For starters I would recommend you to upgrade to the latest stable MySQL
since there is most likely bug fixes and speed improvements that has
been done since .14.

Have you any info on how many queries you're handling per second & per

Are you sure that it's the MySQL server that folds and not Apache (or
whatever webserver you're running)?

What info do you get from the logs?

What does your tables look like?

What parameters do you supply the MySQL deamon with when you start it

Since I use PHP3 I have no ideas re. the PERL issues though but in
general, the more info you can provide us with the easier it is to
analyze the problem.

Best regards,
Martin Edelius

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Datum: den 15 juli 1999 13:39

>I use MySQL to run the news database on We have
problems in
>that almost daily now the MySQL server crashes and needs to be
restarted. I'm
>told by the ISP (I don't have access to do anything to the server
myself) that
>it's due to heavy usage. Are there any possible solutions to stop the
>from crashing?
>The server is running FreeBSD 2.2.7 and MySQL 3.22.14b-gamma.
>Is this likely to be corrected in later versions of MySQL? Would using
>mod_perl's persistent DBI connections help - is this problem likely to
>related to the number of connections or the actual usage?
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SV: MySQL Server CrashesMartin Edelius15 Jul
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