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From:Vibol Hou Date:May 14 2001 11:53pm
Subject:Error 1049 - Unknown database...
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I have a MySQL 3.23.37 server that runs on a FreeBSD 4.2 SMP box which runs
some semi-intensive web applications.  The system itself has 1GB memory.

A few times a minute, I get the following error from my applications:

MySQL Error: 1049 (Unknown database 'databasename')

The server receives about 105 queries/sec.  The queries range from simple
select statements to joins between several tables on databases no larger
than a total of 800MB and also include insert, delete, and update
statements.  A good mix of everything.

The application is able to connect, but the queries run against the database
indicate the above error 2-3 times a minute.

I've experienced this with 3.23.32 as well and upgraded to 3.23.37.

Does anyone experienced with MySQL internals know what's going on?

Vibol Hou

Error 1049 - Unknown database...Vibol Hou15 May
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