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From:Douglas Brantz Date:March 21 1999 8:43pm
Subject:Timestamp or Datetime?
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I am trying to create an inventory database and want to keep track of the date
and time of the inventory.  Should I use timestamp or timedate?  I am trying
both, but I can't seem to get any variables in the timedate field, is that
because I have timestamp as a field above it?  Can you have both Timestamp and
timedate in a table?

I would also like to write out my time statement in a web form ticket.  Do you
know how I can get the curmonth(d),curdate(d),curtime(d) from table?
But I have all this other data I am selecting out of the table first.  can I
just add another select statement at the end? and then how would I display
this in a web page?

my $dbh = Mysql->connect("", "test");

my $command="";
$command = "select formnum,coll,dept,build,comp,os,";
$command .= "ident,classi,fas,hwa,ip,cont,bios,speed,ram,drive,";
$command .= "nic,vid,printer,firstn,lastn,phone,email,patch,room,";
$command .= "sr2,client32,virus,corel,";
$command .= "y2kapps,y2kpass,rate,tester,info,d from y2k ";
$command .= "where dept LIKE \"\%$dept\%\" ";
$command .= "AND build LIKE \"\%$build\%\" ";
$command .= "AND comp LIKE \"\%$comp\%\" AND os LIKE \"\%$os\%\" ";
$command .= "AND formnum LIKE \"\%$formnum\%\" ";
$command .= "AND fas LIKE \"\%$fas\%\" AND lastn LIKE \"\%$lastn\%\" ";
$command .= "AND rate LIKE \"\%$rate\%\" ";
$command .= "order by \"$order\"";

d is the last variable and is the timestamp, if I add another select statement
get the curday,curmonth,curdate,curtime from d how do I make it a variable to
display back to the user on a web page.?

can I add a select statement at $command .= "select curday(d) etc. before the
part of the code?



Sasha Pachev wrote:

> Douglas Brantz wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > newbie here,
> >
> > I am running Mysql 3.22.15 on Redhat 5.2 and am really enjoying mysql.
> > Anyway,
> > my question is this:  I have to test database that I have been building
> > all my tables in and everything works great adding data through a web
> > form.  Now, when I create a new database by going to mysql and then
> > create database 'name' I can create tables, but I can't place the data
> > in the new database tables with a web form.  Are there a set of rights
> > that I have to create for writing to the new databases?  I also logged
> > in as root when I created these new databases.  It's not too big a deal,
> > but I just get tired of not understanding why my forms contain no data
> > with these new databases and then I resort to building more tables in
> > the default test database which seems to work.  Should I create the the
> > database in a normal user mode, and am I having this problem because I
> > don't have rights to add data?  It seems that I can add data and select
> > and show data with the new database tables from the mysql command line
> > with no problems.
> >
> > Data Question?  I am using Timestamp and would like to splash back on a
> > web page the Month, day, year, time. with other data.  Do I need to
> > write in a sub select statement to select the curdate(),curtime, etc.
> > Do I need to assign a variable to display it?  $TD=curdat(),curtime()
> > from 'table' where X=Y?  How many calls to the database can you make and
> > do you need sub select statments if you make more than one call to the
> > database?
> >
> > Count Question? I would also like to count the number of fetchrows are
> > returned from a search and place that number at the top of the page,
> > Number of queries are X.  Is there an easy way to go about this.
> >
> > I am checking the manual as well, so I might find the answers, but any
> > help would be greatly appreciated.
> MYSQL has its own access privilige system that is independent of Unix.
> Access policies are defined by the three tables in the database with the
> name of mysql. You can read more about this in the manual, it explains
> it quite well.
> --
> Sasha Pachev

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