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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 10 2001 10:28pm
Subject:Re: Transactions Not Supported (MyODBC or MySQL itself)
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At 4:05 PM -0600 5/10/01, Jacob - amoc Special Projects wrote:
>Hello Group,
>This is an inquiry which might need to eventually be directed to more
>specific lists but I will start here. I am currently developing a shopping
>cart with PHP and MySQL and my client was wanting to integrate Listserv (a
>highend mailing list program) with the MySQL database to create well
>structured and complex marketing mass-mailouts based on the data in the
>MySQL database (specifically order info and emails). I have spoken to a
>developer at Lsoft (company who makes Listserv) and he has told me that
>interaction between Listserv and MySQL has not been known to work in the
>past. In theory, it would need to establish an ODBC connection and go from
>there. the error he said was common was that MySQL would report that:
>"Transactions are not supported by MySQL"

Transactions weren't included in MySQL until relatively recently.
You might ask the developer if anyone's tried with a recent version
of MySQL.

>He was not sure of whether or not this was an issue with the MyODBC driver
>or with MySQL itself. My questions are:
>1) What causes this error and is there any suggested remedies in
>2) If it is the MyODBC driver is there any known 3rd party ODBC drivers for
>MySQL that I could look into?
>He listed Oracle, DB2, mSQL, SyBase and Teradata as working with Listserv -
>only problem is that the shopping cart is too far into development to turn
>Your help is MUCH appreciated,

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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