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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 10 2001 4:08am
Subject:Re: Security, ownership and daemon startup
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At 9:53 AM -0400 5/9/01, Brian Cuttler wrote:
>We are installing MySQL 3.22.21 as pre-built for IRIX, installing
>on IRIX 6.5.7m.
>The developers that want to use the database would like ownership
>of the files and daemon so that they can modify and restart at will.

Tell them to pick one of their accounts to be used for running the server.

>I need to know if its safe to open access and if so, which files
>should (an individual or group) be given.

It will be as safe as any other program that one of these individuals
runs.  Since you're installing a pre-built distribution, change the
ownership of all the files in that distribution to the account that
will be used to run the server.

>By same I'm meaning from the system point of view, I would like to
>warn the developers of any problems they may run into at the development
>level but can't take responsibility for those issues if they do
>request control after being warned.

That's a bit hard to parse, but if I understand you correctly, they
shouldn't have any particular problems as long as they understand what's
involved in adminstering a MySQL installation.

>So, can I turn over ownership safely ? Which files ?

See above.

>					thanks in advance,
>						Brian
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