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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 6 2001 6:33pm
Subject:Re: HOSTNAME not found error
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>I've seen this problem posted before but I can't find any replies.
>When I start the server I get the following
>./mysql.server: @HOSTNAME@: command not found
>./mysql.server: my_print_defaults: command not found
>Obviously I've setup something wrong.

Looks like you installed rather than mysql.server.
The latter is created from the former by substituting in configuration-specific
values for strings like @HOSTNAME@.

>Running FreeBSD 4.3, Apache 1.3.X, MySQL 3.23.37 The unit is not on the net
>and only going to be used as a server on home network to learn
>Unix, MySQL and PHP.  I've named the unit 'bsdbox'.  Apache's working fine
>as I can see 'bsdbox' home page across the network.
>I already have a Windows 98 box on the network successfully running the same
>software configuration. I would like to keep it up and running (just to play
>with :-) ).

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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