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From:Blaine Grady Date:March 21 1999 7:31pm
Subject:MySQL dying
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A couple of days ago my mysqld had restarted and then aborted.  It can't restart because
it says something else is using its port.  I did not get the chance to telnet to the port
at that time to see what was running.
My questions are why is mysqld being restarted and why would the port be taken?  Could it
be my kernel is not properly clearing the port after mysqld aborts?  How can I manually
clear this port, so I can start mysqld?  I've heard that it could the linuxthreads.  How
do I determine which version of linuxthreads I have?

Anybody else had this similar problem and have a fix?  Below are the errors from the logs.
mysqld restarted on  Fri Mar 19 13:36:06 CST 1999
990319 13:36:06  Can't start server: Bind on TCP/IP port: Address already in use
990319 13:36:06  Do you already have another mysqld server running on port: 3306 ?
990319 13:36:06  Aborting

I'm running MySQL 3.22.16a-gamma (should I upgrade?), with Linux 2.0.36 on Redhat 5.2.  If
anyone can respond as soon as possible, that would be great!


Blaine Grady
Database & Internet Developer
Kragie Newell Integrated Marketing

MySQL dyingBlaine Grady21 Mar
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