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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 4 2001 1:58am
Subject:Re: MYSQL C API
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At 8:13 PM +0100 5/3/01, VVM Ravikumar Sarma Chengalvala wrote:
>I am using C_API for accessing data from MYSQL.
>mysql_query() function returns the following values:
>0 if the query is successful
>-1 if the query fails.

No.  It returns 0 if the query is successful and NON-ZERO if it
fails.  You cannot count on the non-zero value being -1.

>At the same time mysql-C_API documentation specifies
>that it returns a non zero number if query is a
>failure.Does the function return any other values
>other than -1 if the query fails?

Don't test for -1.  Test for non-zero.

>If I use the mysql_query() for INSERT or UPDATE
>statements I am facing the following problem:
>If the database column value I am trying to update is
>the same as the the value already existing in the
>database,then the mysql_query() returns  0 and the
>mysql_affected_rows() returns zero.
>It will be good if mysql_query either returns -1  for
>this case as the value being updated is same as that
>of existing one.

Try setting the CLIENT_FOUND_ROWS option in your mysql_real_connect()
call when you connect to the server and see what happens..


Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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