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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 3 2001 3:53pm
Subject:Re: Rolling back of a transaction
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At 5:34 PM +0800 3/14/01, Sudhir wrote:
>I am a Sudhir, working as a Software Consultant in Unidux Technologies,
>Singapore.  My job here is to suggest Technology.  Now we are planning to
>purchase license for the application server JRun.  Currently we are
>developing a procurement engine in Java, using MySql as the data base
>server.  As per my database administrator, MySql don't have rolling back
>procedure for a transaction which is not to be committed.  With Oracle or
>MSSqlServer I can commit or rollback a transaction.  I mean I can control
>the transaction whether it has to be committed or rolled back.  Is it true
>that MySql don't have rollback.  We are planning to develop the engine using
>EJB and JTA.  If MySql does not have this rolling back, I fear we can not
>use JTA with MySql as back end.  So please inform me whether I can suggest
>MySql or not for developing the engine using EJB with JTA to my

Your db admin may be thinking of older versions of MySQL (either that,
or he's been visiting the OpenACS Web site. :-))

Older versions of MySQL didn't have transaction support, but recent versions
do.  You need to make sure to use table types that support transactions.
(For example, ISAM and MyISAM tables don't, BDB tables do.)

>Thanks & Best Regards,
>Venkata Sudhir Kurapati
>Software Consultant
>64A, Horne Road,
>Singapore - 209072
>DID : +65 - 3914521
>Fax : +65 - 2962651

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