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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 3 2001 2:37am
Subject:Re: specifying a delimiter
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At 9:11 PM -0500 5/2/01, Paul DuBois wrote:
>At 10:01 AM -0500 5/2/01, admin@stripped wrote:
>>Being new to MySQL, I am having a problem getting output from it to the
>>shell that is formatted the way I need.  I need a table to be written to a
>>file with a delimiter.
>>something like :
>>mysql -uroot -ptest database < sql
>>Then I run that script like this:
>>./ > output.txt
>>Any delimiter is ok except for tab.  Is this possible?
>>Thanks, in advance,
>Not with mysql by itself.  You can use sed or tr to change
>the tab in mysql's output to something else.  The syntax for
>tr varies among systems, but on one of my systems (RedHat),
>both of these work:
>mysql .... < sql | tr '\t' :
>mysql .... < sql | tr '\011' :
>Paul DuBois, paul@stripped

Er, I should have been more specific and said "both of these work to
change tabs to colons".  Substitute whatever other character you wish.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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