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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 3 2001 1:12am
Subject:Re: windoze and batch files
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At 10:23 AM +1000 5/3/01, Bordeaux Stan wrote:
>Hi all,
>unfortunately, I am forced to do some background mysql development work on a
>windoze box, which for reasons I wont go into here requires that I use the
>mysql console client.  As many would know this does not allow any commands
>to be edited in the console as does linux.

Use mysqlc rather than mysql.  Read this page first, you have to install
a library to make it work:

>I decided that it would be easier to write a batch file to do some work but
>can't find out how to get mysql to process the batch file.  Issuing the
>mysql > batch file in dos mode wont work.

You might have better luck if you use "mysql < batch".  > sends the
output into your file, wiping it out.

>Any help appreciated as I'm getting sick and tired of entering long queries
>at the mysql prompt and then retyping the whole thing if I make a small
>syntax error.
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Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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