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From:Gerald Clark Date:May 1 2001 2:37pm
Subject:Re: Empty Set Query question
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You are doing a text compare, and they have to match exactly,
including leading zeros after the dots.

You might look at storing them as integers. MySQL has to functions
INET_ATON() and INET_NTOA() to convert them back and forth to strings.

Erica B. Tanner wrote:

> Hello everyone.  I am new to this list and hope it's the right one for
> my question.  This may be really obvious, but I can't seem to figure it
> here's the problem:
> I have a table that stores network incident report information, IP
> address, dates, type of incident, report name, etc.  I am trying to
> query the table for a specific ip address that's in the "source_ip"
> field.  I can see that the record is there when I query all of the
> records, but when I query for one specific ip, I get the empty set
> result! :(
> Here is my query
> select * from IDReport where source_ip="";
> The field type is char(16).  Any ideas why mysql is not finding that
> record??
> I appreciate ANY help on this matter!!! :)
> Thanks,
> Erica
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Gerald L. Clark

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