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From:Dan Nelson Date:April 30 2001 3:39pm
Subject:Re: myodbc uses bash'ism and should not have #!/bin/sh
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In the last episode (Apr 30), Michael Widenius said:
> >> Description:
> ch>  The following output occures when using ASH as /bin/sh.
> ch>  Your script seems to rely on non-POSIX features from bash
> ch>  and therefore should be called with #!/bin/bash. This works.
> ch>  -=(~/debian/mysql/ODBC/myodbc2.50.37-2.50.37)$ ./configure 
> ch>  creating cache ./config.cache
> ch>  checking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
> ch>  checking whether build environment is sane... configure: error: ls -t appears
> to fail.  Make sure there is not a broken
> ch>  alias in your environment
> ch>  configure: error: newly created file is older than distributed files!
> ch>  Check your system clock
> The test that fails is: 
> if (set X `ls -t $srcdir/configure conftestfile`; test "$2" = conftestfile)
> then
> We know that this works for a lot of 'sh' on a lot of different
> systems and this is a standard configure thing I am more inclined to
> think this is a bug in ASH than in configure.

This is a standard autoconf test from sanity.m4; it's not
mysql-specific.  If it was buggy, I think a lot more than one person
would be complaining :)  FreeBSD uses ash as /bin/sh and I've never
seen this error.

Take a look at configure.log and see if there are any error messages
in there that might point you to the exact problem.

	Dan Nelson
myodbc uses bash'ism and should not have #!/bin/shMichael Widenius30 Apr
  • Re: myodbc uses bash'ism and should not have #!/bin/shDan Nelson30 Apr