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From:Douglas Brantz Date:July 14 1999 1:22am
Subject:Fetchrow for listing names
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I would like to create an output list to a web page of users with their
total time monitoring a lab.
Users clock in and clock out and I don't have a set list of monitors or
users, but I would like to run fetchrow and grab all the last names of
all the users that monitor the lab and next to that I would  like to
post the total time they worked.  My question is can I use one fetchrow
statement to grab the SEC_TO_TIME(totaltime) where
print lastname and totaltime;

I am using mysql 3.22.15 on Redhat5.2 with Apache.  Thanks in advance.


Fetchrow for listing namesDouglas Brantz14 Jul
  • Re: Fetchrow for listing namesSasha Pachev14 Jul