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From:Van Date:March 12 1999 12:33am
Subject:Re: How large a database can mySQL handle?
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Jeff Schwartz wrote:

> We've have a mySQL/PHP calendar application with a relatively small
> number of users. But that number is expected to grow to 1MM in the near
> future.
> Can mySQL handle traffic at that level?
> Is there anybody out there using it on that scale?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
> --

I did an inventory on my ISP's service (over a dedicated 56K) for the past
8 months by parsing my message logs into a mysql database.  Then it was
version 3.21.18.  The resultant table became 2.5 Million records and about
200 Meg.  On a PII MMX 233 it sifted through it in about 60 seconds per
query.  I don't know if that gives you any indication.  I think what
you're looking at is a pretty powerful machine, or you could also do some
custom clustering to put it together.  I think it's doable at about 100K
users on a single cpu machine, but at the numbers you're talking be
prepared to put some $$ into the machine.

Linux rocks!!!

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