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From:Steve Edberg Date:April 20 2001 1:00am
Subject:Re: building site search
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At 3:29 PM -0500 4/19/01, Wade DeWerff wrote:
>Is the common way to index a site, then place that into a database? If so
>whats the best(easiest) way to index a site? Thanks

Well, that's a LONG answer to a short question, but two common places 
to start are
	Formerly called udmSearch, this can use MySQL as a backend; 
looks quite nice - Perl & PHP frontends.
	Not quite sure what it uses for its database, but I'm sure it 
could be hacked to use MySQL.

Two other search engines are Glimpse/WebGlimpse and Swish-E, although 
I don't know a whole lot about them. You could also do a web search 
for 'text indexing', 'intranet search', or something. You have plenty 
of reading material then...


Database! Sql! Query!

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