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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 21 1999 5:30pm
Subject:corruptions in a db
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>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Powell <adam@stripped> writes:

Adam> Hi... I have a problem with a database... when I try to add columns, or
Adam> remove columns, corruptions arise within the database that cause the load on
Adam> the server to go very high.  I am downloading the new version of mySQL to
Adam> try and solve this, has anybody else had similar problems?  And if so what
Adam> is the best way to solve these problems?

Adam> For instance, we had a char url(255) field, and when we added a new column
Adam> into the page_data database, seperate from URL, some of the URLs became
Adam> corrupted, and some other fields were randomly set to NULL - and one was
Adam> even set to 'hutdown of d' - which is quite bizarre.

Adam> Adam


The above may happen if you are using an old 3.21.32 or earlier MySQL
version; The table will under some conditions appear 'broken' until
you do a 'mysqladmin refresh'.

MySQL 3.22.6 and above, shouldn't have the above problem.

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