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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 21 1999 4:57pm
Subject:failed to install MySql perl modules
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>>>>> "Sly" == Sly Golovanov <sly@stripped> writes:

Sly> Hello there, Mysql!
Sly> I've tried to install MySQL for Win32 and ty to access it from perl.
Sly> I've downloaded from the archives:

Sly>  DBI-1.06.tar.gz
Sly>  Data-Dumper-2.09.tar.gz
Sly>  Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2014.tar.gz



On Win32 you should download the pre-compiled MySQL-perl distribution

If you want to compile DBI/DBD yourself you have to do this on NT, was 
Win95/Win98 can't handle general Makefile rules for the shell!


failed to install MySql perl modulesSly Golovanov19 Mar
  • failed to install MySql perl modulesMichael Widenius21 Mar