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From:Colin McKinnon Date:July 13 1999 4:22pm
Subject:Re: ODBC access to MySQL on Linux
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At 17:31 12/07/99 +0100, LeBlanc@stripped wrote:
>	I have an urgent need to provide ODBC access to a database
>     running on a Unix system.  I am most familiar with mSQL, which
>     we have used here for some years, but it has no support for ODBC.
>     So I am now trying MySQL.  I am using Linux with glibc, mysql
>     version 3.22.24.  I am trying to use myodbc-2.50.24 with
>     libiodbc-2.50.2.  As far as I can make out, the latter two
>     packages produce a number of libraries on a Linux system, but
>     do not contain any program which would allow an ODBC application
>     to connect with the MySQL database on the Linux system; in other
>     words, I have wasted my time trying to use MySQL.  Is this correct?
>Submitter-Id:	LeBlanc@stripped
>Organization:   University of Manchester
>MySQL support:  none
>System: Linux 2.2.9 #3 Mon Jun 14 11:16:25 BST 1999 i586 unknown
>Architecture: i586
Not sure that I understand the problem...
ODBC is an abstract programming interface - its original intention was to
make access to an SQL database independent of the communications protocol
and database type / version, however different versions of SQL make that a
bit more complicated. In most cases (including MySQL) you do not need to
add anything to a server correctly configured to run the DBMS (an exception
is Oracle which requires SQL*NET) in order to provide ODBC access - all you
need to do is install the ODBC driver on the client.

Out of the box, mysql provides a command line interface (called mysql)
which connects to the mysqld (server process) using the MySQL client
library (not ODBC). If, however, you wanted to develop applications in a
system supporting ODBC, then you'd need to install the relevant libraries
on the client machines (I've not tried Linux, but use both 32 & 16 bit
MS-Win without issue).

In other words:
You're not wasting your time with MySQL - it does ODBC
You are wasting your time installing myodbc-2.50.24 & libiodbc-2.50.2. on
the server.



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