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From:Gerald Clark Date:April 18 2001 1:52pm
Subject:Re: use of the skip_networking option
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You are correct.

Mike Cermak wrote:
> This is probably a silly question, but I've read the one reference to skip_networking
> in the documentation and searched the archive (first rule of MySQL: RTFM, second rule of
> MySQL: read it again, third rule of MySQL: do an archive search on the term or concept
> you're looking for and read all relevant results), and I'm still not totally clear about
> something:
>  If I'm setting up a MySQL server on RedHat Linux that will only be accessed via the
> following methods, can I safely start the server with the skip-networking option to more
> tightly secure the server? The access methods intended are:
> PHP or perl via web browser (for both queries and administration)
> console via Secure Shell (admin only, and only when necessary)
> local console (admin only, and only when necessary)
> I'm thinking that skip_netowrking will prevent any network-based connections other
> than via http (since the connection isn't to MySQL, but to the web server, which then
> locally connects to MySQL), and that console via SSH is not a network connection to MySQL,
> but a network connection to the console, which then locally connects to MySQL. Am I
> correct in my assessment? If skip_networking is used, does MySQL still advertise on port
> 3306? I'm thinking it shouldn't, but just want to be sure.
> Thanks for entertaining the requests of an admitted MySQL neophyte.
> Mike Cermak
use of the skip_networking optionMike Cermak18 Apr
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