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From:Gerald Clark Date:April 18 2001 1:21pm
Subject:Re: Every host is localhost
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That is correct.

Web programmers must supply their own login and security measures.
MySQL is a tool used by the web server. THe web server does the login in
manner the web programmer provides. The host will be the host the CGI is
from. THe user will be the user the CGI script provides.
The access privileges will be what ever the CGI script allows, limited
the privileges granted to the host and user CGI uses when connecting.

Sam Yenge wrote:
> Hi
> (Re: mysql 3.23.33 )
> I have got mysql running fine with the only problem that every connections
> made to it through a web browser (using cgi scripts) are considered as
> coming from localhost. In this way, I cannot limit the machines that
> should be allowed access. I read the manual pages, cleaned up user and
> host tables to remove all the default settings but the problem persists.
> The name of the server is being picked up from my scripts in the
> my ($dbh) = DBI->connect(.....:localhost/machine's name,...)...
> All other machines for which permission was granted are being ignored and
> granting users permission to connect from localhost/its real name allows
> access from any host which is not what I wanted.
> Wherever the connection comes from, the log file shows:
>   Connect username@localhost dbname
>   Query ...
>  or
>   Connect username@machinename dbname
>   Query ...
> Any idea??
> Thanks
> Sam
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