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From:BAUMEISTER Alexandre Date:July 13 1999 3:37pm
Subject:mysql_ping() problem
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  I've  some  problems  with  mysql_ping() in the C library. I wrote a
  little  program  which  job is only to connect to a Mysql server and
  then to loop :

for (;;) {
  sleep (5);
  printf ("mysql_ping : %d\n",mysql_ping(&mysql));

  The output of the program :

  mysql_ping : 0
  mysql_ping : 0
  mysql_ping : 0
  mysql_ping : 0

  Then   I  change  the  default  gateway in my route table to another
  gateway to the Internet of my local network.
  With  the  new  gateway,  I'm  able to ping the Mysql server without
  problem. So thing should be ok too for the Mysql connection.

  But  the  program  doesn't  print  anything  anymore.  It seems that
  mysql_ping() doesn't return.

  Even  if  the  modification  of the default gateway breaks the mysql
  connection,  I  was  expecting mysql_ping to re-establish it, but it
  doesn't work even if waiting for a while.

  When  setting  the  default  gateway back to the first one, then the
  mysql_ping returns and the

  mysql_ping : 0

  are back.

  When  stracing  the  program, it seems that the system returns for a
  read  system  call a 'eagain' error. Then there's a loop on the read
  system call ... which seems to be infinite.

  Shouldn't  there  be  a timeout or a limit in tries which if reached
  considers the connection as broken and that a reconnect is needed ?

  I have this problem on Linux 2.0.36 and Mysql 3.22.21 .


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