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From:Gerald Clark Date:April 16 2001 2:16pm
Subject:Re: Auto_Increment
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1. No, unless you use ISAM tabbes ( See the Manual )

2. Index Sequential Access Method.

Jamie S Buchanan wrote:
> Hello, I wonder if you can help me.
> For a university project I've got a database with several tables using columns
> set up with 'auto_increment'. I've discovered that the value that the system
> creates for a new record is one greater than the largest one which has existed
> even if the records with the largest values have been deleted.  I've read the
> docs and read the part which says that this is the way myISAM tables handles
> auto_increment and that ISAM tables create a value which is one greater than the
> largest value currently existing.
> >From this I've presumed that I'm using myISAM tables but is there any way I can
> make the auto_increment feature work the way it does with the ISAM tables?
> And what exactly are myISAM and ISAM tables?
> (a quick web search gave me: -the Information centre for South African Music
>                              -the Institute for the Study of American Music
>                              -International Swimwear and Active Market)
> Thanks for any help you can give me,
> Jamie.
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