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From:Gerald Clark Date:April 16 2001 1:38pm
Subject:Re: Identifying companies, their representives
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And what does this have to do with MySQL?

Dennis Gearon wrote:
> How do you guys uniquely identify companies within your mysql databases,
> both foreign and domestic?
> Tax ID numbers?
> Name and State and City(US)
> Other?
> In the database I am designing
> the <PublicMembers> are identified by email/login/person/member(num),
> and only has financial capabilities with my company via a credit card.
> Also,
> How does everyone verify that Joe Smuckatelli is ACTUALLY the
> representative for Johnson and Johnson company, has the positioned
> claimed, has authority to allow J-n-J logo's to be placed on my site,
> and can commit to billed accounts, or enter private company data to be
> processed and displayed on my site? (J-&-J is a 'fictitious' name and I
> am certainly not dealing yet with the real McCoy)
> And Finally,
> How often do you reverify both active and inactive accounts/logins, what
> limits do you put on account activity before flagging that account for
> researching?
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