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From:David Bruha Date:March 21 1999 5:29pm
Subject:Re: Generating Web Pages
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I'm not an expert either but you have to use some scripting language to
connect html and mysql. I recommend PHP or Perl but you can use C too.

In PHP you simply write commands directly to web page. Your server must
be running PHP parser that translates PHP commands into HTML. Homepage
of PHP is at

Perl is often used as CGI script language. There has to be Perl compiler
at your server to use it. Homepage of Perl is at

Both PHP and Perl have libraries that allow you to connect to mysql
server, run queries and operate with your databases. From my experience
it's easier to generate web pages via PHP because you write the code
directly into the page and PHP is very simple to learn (at least the



"Glenn P. Smith" wrote:
> Hi
> I am new to this list so I apologies if this topic has been done to
> death, but would someone be able to point me in the right direction of
> obtaining information on how to generate web pages out of a mysql
> database.
> I currently to not use mysql, but have some rdbms knowledge, I am
> looking to have 99% of a site completely generated out of the
> database.
> Any help that anyone can give on this topic greatly appreciated.  I
> am quite happy to receive off list replies.
> Thanks
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