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From:S. Whitmore Date:July 13 1999 5:11am
Subject:New home for MySQL db of BBS numbers?
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If you are a BBS hobbyist and would like to give a list of Wildcat! 
BBS's a new home on the Web, drop me a line (off the list).  I have a 
list based around a simple table in a MySQL database, using Perl and 
CGI-generated HTML, designed to allow SysOps to maintain their own 
listings.  You can see it at:

I'm going to be closing out those BBS hobby pages, and although quite a 
few of the SysOps whose systems are on the list have expressed interest 
in giving it a new home, none have been MySQL-savvy.

If I can't find a new (MySQL) home for it, I'll probably just generate 
a comma-delimited file and post that to an appropriate newsgroup or 
two, and let people do what they want with the data.  But that is my 
last resort...

(I used this project to start learning about MySQL, but now there are a 
few dozen people who would like the project to continue in some form.  
FWIW, the postcards in my sig are also based around MySQL and Perl.)


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New home for MySQL db of BBS numbers?S. Whitmore13 Jul