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From:Sasha Pachev Date:July 12 1999 9:29pm
Subject:Re: question on MySQL or Flatfile
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"Robert (IMI)" wrote:
> I am currently rewriting alot of my software to use a MySQL database..
> I have a question on a table that I am about to create.. currently I have a flat file
> for each user.. called Global.txt
> In that flat file I have a record that is laid out like this..
> global|someurl|bgcolor|txtcolor|linkcolor|vlinkcolor
> forum|someurl|bgcolor|txtcolor|linkcolor|vlinkcolor
> guestbook|someurl|bgcolor|txtcolor|linkcolor|vlinkcolor
> calendar|someurl|bgcolor|txtcolor|linkcolor|vlinkcolor
> survey|someurl|bgcolor|txtcolor|linkcolor|vlinkcolor
> links|someurl|bgcolor|txtcolor|linkcolor|vlinkcolor
> shopping|someurl|bgcolor|txtcolor|linkcolor|vlinkcolor
> chatroom|someurl|bgcolor|txtcolor|linkcolor|vlinkcolor
> What the flat file does is gets openen when a page is served and decides on the
> colors to put into the body tag..
> Now in a MySQL format it lays out to be around about 54 fields.. there would be one
> record for each user.. with the username as the primary key..  I have created the table..
> but I have not taken the next step to populate the table yet..
> My question is this the best way to do it.. making it a MySQL table or should I leave
> it as flatfiles..  if the performance is going to be about equal I will go with the
> MySQL.. just so I will not have umpteen flat files..
> Robert Saunders
> robert@stripped

There are only very few cases when a flat file is better than a
database. Generally, flat file is preferable when the data relationships
have near NULL degree of complexity and all of you queries require a
full scan of the dataset.

If those conditions do not apply to you, you will be better off with the

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