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From:Gerald Clark Date:April 10 2001 1:44pm
Subject:Re: Transactions in MySql
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And if they don't read the manual, how do they know which table types
they will need?
Nobody who has not read the manual should expect to be able to post
geting a reminder to RTFM.
He obviously did not read about how to properly post a problem.

He asked if MySql supports transactions.
Are you telling me you can't find that in the manual, or in the

I gave him enough answer to get further clarification.  Either he did
or he did and it is not working.
Either way much more information is needed.

Shankar Unni wrote:
> Uh, before you take his head off, consider that most people using MySQL are
> not in a position to build MySQL themselves (or trust whatever comes out of
> "./configure --whatever_options; make").
> And the default binary distribution does not include BDB or InnoBase for any
> platform (that's coming soon, but is still in process..).
> So telling them to RTFM doesn't help, because even if they do, it won't give
> them transactions. MySQL seems to ignore TABLE TYPE specifications if it
> isn't compiled for that table type (i.e. if you take the default
> distribution and create a table with TYPE=BDB, it just quietly ignores that
> spec and creates a MyISAM table, leading to much confusion for the
> uninitiated - shouldn't it at least give a warning about "unknown table
> type"??).
> So until we have such binary distributions that support BDB and InnoBase,
> it's probably more appropriate to point out to them that they have to build
> their own distribution with BDB and/or InnoBase, and *then* tell them to
> continue on and RTFM..
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> Marco Baldacchini wrote:
> >
> > MySql support transactions?
> > The OLE-DB provider support transactions?
> > Call the method Begintrans on a connection object (ADO) return an error!!!
> And you read the manual, right?
> Transaction support depends on the version of MySQL you are running, and
> the table type created.
> Read the manual, then ask questions.
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