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From:Douglas Brantz Date:July 12 1999 8:43pm
Subject:Converting Seconds to Hours and Minutes in Mysql
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I am trying to calculate the time difference to keep track of monitors
time in a computer lab using
Mysql version 3.22.15 on a Redhat 5.2 Linux OS.  I searched and found
this statement and I believe that
it could work for me.
>-----------------------------------   Statement Below
Actually you should have get an error for the insert, but MySQL is
nice and stores it anyway :)

The 'TIME' type is stored in a 3 byte int and only acts like a nice
formated integer. If you want subctract times, you must convert them
to seconds. You can do this with:


If you want this back in hours,minutes and seconds you should do:



PS: It looks like the current release doesn't have TIME_TO_SEC(). I
have now added this to MySQL 3.21.16-beta
-----------------------------------------------------------   Statement
Ends ---------------

I have 2 timestamp fields that I use for intime and out time.  I know
that the 2nd timestamp field does not get updated automatically.  I also
have a tdin field for intime seconds and and tdout for out time seconds
and then a field for totaltime where intime is subtracted from outtime.
This is probably over kill with all the fields.  What would the exact
statement be for getting the seconds to hours and seconds.  Do I need to
add a line like this
$time =SEC_TO_TIME(tdout-tdin)  ??   How would this work?  Do I need
this on the command .=
I guess I am asking how to invoke this SEC_TO_TIME in my Perl CGI script
with the mysql module.  I will try it on the command line in mysql to
see what I get back.

Maybe I could make a query line in the perl script like
print Query->SEC_TO_TIME(tdout-tdin)  or something like that.

Thanks for any help in advance.



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