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From:Gerald Clark Date:April 9 2001 2:11pm
Subject:Re: Deleted user
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THe manual recommends restarting the server with --skip-grants.
Fix your user table, and flush privileges to reload the grant tables.

Bob Dushok wrote:
> I've made a stupid error.  While logged in as root I was deleting
> records from the user table.  Someone was talking to me while I was
> entering a command and I didn't realize what I entered until it was too
> late.  I entered:
> delete from user where user='root';
> I immediately used an insert statement to re-insert the root entry, but
> it's not working.  I can still log in as root but appear to have lost
> access to the mysql database.
> Is there any way to recover?
> Thanks,
> Bob
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