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From:BAUMEISTER Alexandre Date:April 3 2001 10:49am
Subject:Mysqld crashes with my DELETE query.
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  I  have  re-run  my query without the other program trying to UPDATE
  the table :

mysql> delete from intraday_PAR where date<'2001-04-03 00:00:00';
Query OK, 364842 rows affected (32.95 sec)

  It works.

  Why did both threads lock each other.

  There  is one doing a lot of UPDATE and my from the console doing my
  DELETE. The DELETE should lock the table (so lock UPDATE) delete the
  rows and then unlock the table isn't it ?


Mysqld crashes with my DELETE query.BAUMEISTER Alexandre3 Apr
Re: Mysqld crashes with my DELETE query.Mark Lo \(w\)3 Apr