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From:Sasha Pachev Date:July 11 1999 4:51pm
Subject:Re: 3.22 distribution for RH 6.0 ?
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> >Two points:
> >
> > - TCX binary on a Linux platform will give you better performance than
> >almost anything you could ever compile yourself (unless you get the
> >right tools, and spend a lot of time trying to come with come up a
> >better configuration)
> Yes, I am using the pre-compiled libmysqlclient.a for my application, I was
> just trying to build the source as a sanity check and see if there wasn't
> some compiler flag or type library that I was missing in my own client
> build.

Client and server do not have to be compiled the same way. If fact, they
can be even running on different platforms. The most important thing is
that they speak the same protocol, which would always be the case if the
version of the client is reasonable close or the same as the version of
the server.

> >
> >- If you still want to compile after reading the first point, carefully
> >study the diagnostics of configure, understand what is missing or
> But the original author or someone more knowledgeable than myself could do
> it in a fraction of the time it would take me. It makes much more sense for
> me to buy a license or support for the platform and just worry about my own
> application code.

You can get extended login support from TCX for $5000 a year. Then not
only will they help you compile whatever you want, you can request
patches and extra functionality just for yourself, they will also help
you optimize your set up, and I would strongly recommend it unless you
what to be a MySQL hacker yourself.

> >misconfigured, fix it, and it will work. Then maybe post a script that
> >will patch RedHat 6.0 installation so that MySQL will compile on it. If
> >it works, Monty will probably include it in the distribution.
> If I had such a patch (or the knowledge to do it), I might ask a few cents
> or a dollar for it, depending on how many people were interested in seeing
> it.  But if such a patch existed I might easily pay several dollars for it
> and save hours of work in figuring it out myself .
> There would be a free market for information if I had my way. Think of the
> possibilities! But more on that later  :-)

Well, let's think about it. TCX will let you use MySQL for free for
commercial production in many situations. Licences are required only
when you want to re-sell, an you are charged money for support. The
spirit of MySQL is free contribution of the community. That is how Linux
was able to get to the point of being able to compete with commercial
Unix vendors, and that is how we can get MySQL to be on par with the
mega-buck databases like Oracle and Informix.

> In any case I found a Redhat 5.2 CD...
> Rgds,
> Rob
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Sasha Pachev
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