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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 31 2001 3:45am
Subject:Re: mysq.sock ownership problem
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At 5:56 PM -0800 3/30/01, Guo, Zhian wrote:
>We have been encountering a problem running mysql on sgi.  We normally run
>it as a normal user, which writes the file /tmp/mysql.sock.  However, when
>the machine is rebooted while the daemon is running,  the mysql.sock file's
>ownership will change to root.  After that we can no longer start the server
>as the normal user because it cannot overwrite the existing mysql.sock file.
>Btw, we are running 3.22.26a for Irix6.5.   
>Is it a bug that has been fixed?    Thanks.

This may be a bug, but it doesn't sound like a MySQL bug.  If you're running
the server as a normal user, there should be no way that it could possibly
change the ownership of the socket to root.  Are you sure something else
isn't doing that?

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
mysq.sock ownership problemZhian Guo31 Mar
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