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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 11 1999 3:09am
Subject:Re: Compilation Problems on FreeBSD 3.1
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At 10:59 AM +0800 7/11/1999, Ho Seng Yip wrote:
>I am trying to 'make' MySQL with the following 'configure' command,
>./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql \
>                     -with-mit-threads
>'configure' was done successfully, but once I execute a 'make', after a
>while, it gives me the following error,
>Making all in mit-pthreads
>"/usr/src/mysql-3.22.25/mit-pthreads/Makefile", line 35: Could not find
>"/usr/src/mysql-3.22.25/mit-pthreads/Makefile", line 36: Could not find
>"/usr/src/mysql-3.22.25/mit-pthreads/Makefile", line 37: Could not find
>"/usr/src/mysql-3.22.25/mit-pthreads/Makefile", line 38: Could not find
>"/usr/src/mysql-3.22.25/mit-pthreads/Makefile", line 39: Could not find
>"/usr/src/mysql-3.22.25/mit-pthreads/Makefile", line 40: Could not find
>"/usr/src/mysql-3.22.25/mit-pthreads/Makefile", line 41: Could not find
>make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
>*** Error code 1
>*** Error code 1
>It seems that the compiler is trying to find some files in '
>/dr1/my/masters/mysql-3.22/mit-pthreads ' which does not exist on my local
>Will appreciate if anyone can help.

Try this configure command:

	./configure  --with-named-thread-libs=-lc_r --disable-shared

The first option tells configure not to use MIT-pthreads.  The second
may not be necessary on your system.  I found that without it, I got
"symbol not found" errors when I tried to run any of the client programs.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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