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From:Gerald Clark Date:March 28 2001 3:25pm
Subject:Re: table output display
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Bordeaux Stan wrote:
> Hi guru type folks,
> My system crashed over the weekend and I had to reinstall linux.  I'm
> currently running Mandrake 7.2.  Now that I'm up and running again I find
> that the output from a mysql query is not formatted properly.  The tables
> look as though they are wrapping round so that data does not sit under
> column headers and that the lines are all over the place.  I even installed
> the latest mysql stable version last night, but still have this strange
> looking output on screen.
> This happens even when there are only two columns on the select command.  Is
> there some way to fix this problem?
> Any help greatly appreciated as I can't make sense of the on-screen display.
> Cheers
> Stan Bordeaux
> Stan Bordeaux
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> email: stan.bordeaux@stripped
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Sounds like an stty problem.

Try stty onlcr

Maybe you loaded the wrong curses library.
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